Flashwire Group Closes $10 Million Series A Funding and Launches Several Innovative Products

3 min readSep 11, 2023

Flashwire Group, an innovative financial group, today announced that it closed a $10 million USD Series A funding round earlier this year. The group is officially launching multiple new financial products for the Web3 industry during the upcoming Token2049 Singapore conference this September.

This round of funding has attracted renowned institutional investors from crypto industry, including Legend Trading, Cobo, GATE.io, VeChain, CyberX, SuperChain Capital, and more. Flashwire’s investors cover a wide range of sectors, including traditional banking, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency trading, liquidity, asset custody, and investment. All of them firmly recognize Flashwire’s revolutionary technology and business model.

Since the funding round, Flashwire has been committed to designing and implementing its unique and leading financial services solutions. Flashwire’s core products include the crypto-friendly digital bank (Flashwire.com), cryptocurrency VISA debit card Stella Pay (Stellapay.io), and cryptocurrency lending platform Anxin.finance.

  • Flashwire digital bank is Web3-friendly and supports up to a dozen major fiat currencies, including the U.S. Dollar, Euro, and GBP, etc.
  • Stella Pay is a VISA debit card that supports crypto asset deposits and can be used at up to 40 million VISA merchants worldwide.
  • Anxin Finance is an industry-leading collateralized lending platform available only to institutional clients. Anxin has developed proprietary compliance risk control and liquidity management systems, deploying state-of-the-art offline and MPC custodian wallets and automated market monitoring. Anxin maintains extremely strict internal controls, refraining from any secondary market trading or third-party financing to ensure zero risk for user assets and lending businesses.

Each Flashwire product is dedicated to solving industry pain points and delivering real value to users. Flashwire has integrated various world-leading banks, credit cards, and traditional financial services, as well as native crypto industry trading services like Legend Trading, custody services like Cobo, etc. By connecting global financial services, cryptocurrency liquidity, and integrating advanced asset safety custody solutions, Flashwire has formed a product matrix serving both institutions and individual customers, evolving gradually into a unique industry ecosystem. For example, its digital bank and debit card service will progressively upgrade to open platforms, allowing other FinTech companies to customize, white-label and use freely.

“This successful funding round is a milestone in Flashwire’s growth,” said Hao Chen, CEO of Flashwire. “Flashwire is a tech-driven startup that has always been committed to a solid compliance framework, reliable IT infrastructure, and practical products with a great experience. We announced our funding news till now because multiple products are about to go live, and we hope to gain the attention of our industry partners to collaborate with them. This funding not only provides us with the financial resources we need to innovate and grow, but it also recognizes our track record and demonstrates the market’s confidence in our ability to deliver. We are excited about the future and will continue to drive positive change in the industry.”

The Flashwire Group team consists of experienced bankers, compliance experts, software engineers, financial advisors, lawyers and digital asset traders. The team has in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, as well as years of hands-on experience in traditional banking and finance. With a global perspective, Flashwire has applied for a number of financial licenses for different businesses, including trading, payment and custody, and has set up local compliance and business teams.Flashwire has made great efforts to build up its internal compliance and risk control systems in order to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of the global financial regulations.

Flashwire will continue to aggressively expand its business scope, grow its world-class team, enhance its R&D capabilities, and continue to innovate and lead the industry in providing unique services to its clients.

About Flashwire

Flashwire is an innovative financial group committed to bridging the gap between traditional finance and the Web3 industry. With its unique suite of services, Flashwire aims for breakthrough innovation as its vision and mission, committed to creating a closer and more convenient future financial world. Flashwire’s core products include a crypto-friendly digital bank (Flashwire.com), a cryptocurrency debit card Stella Pay (stellapay.io), and a cryptocurrency lending platform Anxin Finance (Anxin.finance).

For more information, please visit www.flashwire.com.